Play games. Have fun. Win Ark.

We give away Ark cryptocurrency every day to the winners of our games. No special rules or minimum payouts.
Totally free to play and you can boost your prize by voting for the 'fun' delegate. It is as simple as that - truly win money for free!

How it works

We provide HTML5 games that are playable within your web browser or on your mobile phone or tablet and we pay out Ark cryptocurrency to the highest-scoring player of each game every day. Enter your Ark address when you play a game, and if you're the highest scorer by midnight UTC, you'll receive free Ark in your wallet.

You can check the high score table to see if you have a winning score and you can play as often as you want. Good luck!

Prizes are funded by the fun delegate. Please consider voting for us if you like what we offer. You could boost your prize if you do!

Boost your prize!
Vote for delegate fun with your Ark wallet and you will automatically receive a 50% bonus if you win one of our prizes as long as you remain a voter and maintain a balance of at least 50 Ѧ. You must already be voting for fun when you play, and keep voting for us when you are due to be paid your prize, to receive your bonus.
Vote reimbursement guide
Step 1: Manage your networks

If you would like a refund of the fee when voting for the fun delegate, make sure to follow this guide fully and double check your settings are correct before voting.

Request your refund by contacting us on Slack, Discord, or Reddit.

1.1. Open your Ark Client and click on the gear icon.

1.2. Choose Manage Networks from the menu.

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Step 2: Change the Mainnet seed server

You must modify the seed server used by the Ark Client so it will connect to the fun delegate to process your voting transaction in order to receive a refund of the voting fee.

2.1. Ensure Mainnet is selected in the row of networks along the top.

2.2. Change the Seed Server field to

2.3. Make sure Force is not set.

2.4. Click Save to close the dialog.

Go to Step 3

Step 3: Restart the Ark Client

It is very important that you restart the Ark Client after modifying the seed server, otherwise you will not be connected to the fun delegate to process your voting transaction and you will not receive a refund.

3.1. Click on the power icon.

3.2. Choose Restart from the menu.

Go to Step 4

Step 4: Check your peer

If you've done everything correctly, you should now be connected to the fun delegate and you are ready to vote. You should check your peer to make sure this is the case.

4.1. Click on the cloud icon.

4.2. Check the Peer is or

If it is, your Ark Client is now correctly configured so you will be eligible to receive a fee refund for the fun delegate by asking us on Slack, Discord or Reddit.

If you need guidance on how to vote, please read this Ark blog entry.